Tuesday, June 8, 2010

07 JUN 2010 – MC

Ive been experiencing this pain in my stomach the night before
Maybe because of too many petai that ive been taken that night
And I did feels like my body been burn from inside out
Maybe the night itself been that crazy hot or me that burning up
I don’t know!!
But still I prayed I would wake up in a great pink of health
So I can at least finish something that still waiting on top of my desk
I still feels the same feeling ive felt last night
But maybe worst
And something seems like extremely cuts my inside abdomen like hell
Ripping and feels bloody
And it is true
So after ive make some work
I fly direct to my lovely doctor
And she seems surprise with my looks before she did check me up
I do not seems healthy in my pink dress shirt
Or maybe my pink dress shirt blend with my pink face
So ive got my rest ticket for today
But still I cannot rest
Im a man with lot of things to be done
But at least im happy with my life
Thanks for that time for myself
Really appreciate it
Hoping for my coming day would be okay
p/s: why I cant stop from listening to that MJs number DO YOU REMEMBER THE TIME??
(coz I still listening to it now repeatedly like I don’t have tomorrow for it)


-aja- said...

pakwe~doc ckp pakwe sakit ape?

p.a.k.w.e. said...

saket jiwe