Thursday, June 10, 2010

09 JUN 2010 – R.E.S.D.U.N.G.

Yesterday ive felt like something’s is not right with my left side face
Felt like something is eating my inside face
It hurts actually
At first I taught it was because of my fever the day before
And maybe because of may toothache
But nope
Im extremely sure it is my resdung
Because it comes with yellow stink fluid out of my left nose
Im sure this is the exact point where ive suddenly had that toothache and headache plus fever before
So I cannot go to work AGAIN today
But I don’t gat my MCbut still its okay
Im happy that I still can spare a bit time with myself
N hey! I already tied that knot with lokman
Who never wants to be close n never wants to have a ride with me in my car
p/s: KIAH PEKASAM superb and wow to SHOWDOWN 2010

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